E-Learning and Training videos


Sales & Marketing videos E-learning & training videos offer a visually engaging way to learn. Whether it’s for internal training or customer support, video offers a concise, practical & cost effective opportunity to educate staff, partners or customers.

The new advances in e-books and e-readers is creating opportunities for interactive video and 3D objects, with Apple’s iPad & iBook platform leading the way.

PointBlank can help to find the best solution for your audience ensuring the video content is engaging, immersive and most importantly educates the viewer.

Sales & Marketing videos Using video as a learning resource is the fastest and most effective way of repeatedly training staff, clients, students or visitors – they can also be very lucrative for training companies.

Video gives the same precise information for every viewer – this is especially important in training resources, because it allows the viewer to go  back over areas they missed again and again.

Training video can also be very profitable as you only have to film it and edit it once and then you can sell it online or as a dvd for years to come.

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