There are numerous things that have to be done in the pre-production stage of making a video, one of which is Storyboarding. This process involves making a comic-book like ‘story sketch’ of the film, or part of the film. It can take a long time, but sometimes it is essential to work out the logistics of how a shot/scene will work. It is used more in feature films than in factual videos or documentaries, as it helps mostly with the creative shots working as a pictorial script.

Storyboarding is an aid used to visualise a film before production. It makes things easier and clearer for the creative team as they can see what shots are going to be needed and work accordingly.

At PointBlank, storyboarding helps us to be more productive on a limited shoot. If we have planned all the shots previously, we know exactly what we want to achieve meaning we dont waste time, and footage, trying to work it out on location. This also makes it cheaper as we are optimising our time making shoots shorter. We do it also if we are having trouble foreseeing how we want a video to look. Often starting to draw it out and see it in the flesh, other than just in our imagination, can assist us in fixing problems and altering previous ideas that we can now see do not work.