Sales Solutions

While our solutions are tailor made to meet your bespoke requirements they are based on established systems and over 30 year’s experience in the IT industry
Sitting at the very heart of the majority of our solutions is Sentinel. Sentinel is a powerful database, document management and processing system that enables us to provide rapid solutions across a varisol555ety of platforms. Our Sales Quotation and Ordering system can be deployed on mobile devices as PDF’s with Sentinel composing and deconstructing PDF content as it interfaces to core back office systems. Utilising PDF forms which incorporate JavaScript allow for content and feature rich ‘applications’ that flow with a sales consultants process containing all of the customer information right where they need it.
Sentinel is however much more and incorporate a flexible Jobq enabling it to process information sent to it form the mobile device and repackage the information in a customer focused document that can be emailed directly out to them or printed in the office to be sent out in the post.
Our solutions aren’t designed to simply make a sale, they are designed to meet your unique requirements.