New Business Pitch Presentations

Using PowerPoint to make a pitch can be a powerful tool. Just make sure your slides get straight to the point. Do not present in a vacuum. There were pitches before you. There will be pitches after you.  Think of two airplanes: 747 and F18. A 747 lumbers down the runway and takes one to two miles to get off the ground. A F18 catapults off an aircraft carrier and reaches 165 mph in two seconds on a 270-foot deck—or falls into the ocean. Guess which plane you should be in when you are making a new business pitch!

Get to the point and make your presentation preferably no longer than around 10 to 12 slides – an example format to follow would be: 

Slide #1: Title page. 

Slide #2: Overview. 

Slide #3: Problem/opportunity. 

Slide 4: Unfair advantage. 

Slide 5: Demo. 

Slide 6: Sales and marketing. 

Slide 7: Competition. 

Slide 8: Business model.

Slide 9: Forecast.

Slide 10: Team.

Slide 11: Status and milestones.


One last word: Make sure that you put the emphasis on the most important issues for your company, rather than giving equal weight to everything. One of the most important assessments investors will make about you is whether or not you really understand your business and whether or not you know how to prioritise. You don’t want to look like someone who is just filling out a template.



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