Event videos

There’s a huge opportunity to market yourself and enhance your brand around a conference – whether it’s discoveries you’re making about new products, presentations your making for customers, or bonding experiences you’re having with colleagues. Show your followers your industry-leading insight with a video of your conference experience.
Combine videos and photos to get across important details. Talk and tap to perfectly align each shot. The result: Clear, compelling social media video that’s ready to share across your organization and audience. Videolicious makes it so fast and easy that your followers see your videos while you’re still there – giving you maximum impact.

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Sales & Marketing videos

Are you launching a new car, holding your annual fashion event or promoting an arts festival? Video content can be used in a variety of ways whether it’s pre-launch to push ticket sales, live streaming throughout the event or a highlights video to show off your key speaker or product message.

At PointBlank we’ve proven many times that we can capture the life of your event. If time is of the essence we can turn around projects quickly – filmed in the evening, signed off and live by first thing the next day.

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