Company Presentations

Every company needs good company presentation which is kept up to-date and relevant. It should serve as a marketing tool for promotion as well as for creating the first impression to approach your potential customer with your company’s strength in terms of capacity, quality, financial leverage, and experience. Your company presentation increases your value compared to your competitors by positively influencing the decision of your potential customer to start business with you.

Put yourself in the position of your potential customer and only include information that you think they would like to know to enable them to do the business with you.

The size of your company profile should be 10 to a maximum of 15 slides. Being mindful about the length, an extensive version might be boring for the reader whereas a profile being too short might create questions about your company’s potential. 

Do not forget to constantly update the company profile – most commonly once a year. It is a good sign of the company’s professionalism, always providing current and up to date information to both your customers and potential partners. 


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