Augmented Reality for business solutions


One area we specialise in is the development of Augmented Reality applications.

Augmented Reality might sound more science fiction or gimmicky than business fact but when used correctly it offers your customers exposure to your products in a way not possible through any other means.
Augmented Reality is the combining of the ‘real word’  with additional content such as 3D models, animation or video and generally a mix. Augmented Reality or AR as its usually known has many applications and real benefit to business although it can all too often be seen as ‘gimicky’ when in actual fact it can be used to present information to your customers in a way no other methods can. AR can be used to display a 3D model that can be displayed on a table top and allow the viewer to walk completely around it, zoom in to see detail or pull up additional information on a specific section. AR can be used to display a life sized model in situation, for example in a customers home so they can see how a particular product would look in place in their home. Evidence of this is work we have completed for Stannah Stairlifts and the app we custom developed that allows a customer to visualise how any one of the range of Stannah stairlifts will look on their own stairs, in their chosen colour scheme on the very first sales call by a Stannah representative.

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The real advantage is that the 3D model does not have to be static, as it is computer generated it can be made to perform as its real world counterpart would or allow the viewer to look inside in ways thats would never normally be possible.AR while itself a relatively new area is build upon a number of existing technologies but its the power of devices such as the iPhone, iPad and other tablets and smartphones that are making it much more accessible.

AR applications can be purpose built for a particular company or product and these can either be in the public (aka app store) or enterprise domain or alternatively content can be created and embedded within ready made AR apps such as layer but the later will always have constraints as your content is delivered in fixed ways along with that of a host of other companies.

PointBlank has a great deal of experience with AR as we explore the whole field and make it our business to keep updated so that we can inform our customers on how AR can be used.