3D Printing Services

3D Printing

PointBlank now offers 3D printing services turn your designs into reality.  We produce objects up to 9 x 5×5 inches in size. For larger prints we work with a preferred partner.

Our 3d FDM printer creates shapes using ABS plastic which is very strong and durable. Printer resolution is between 50-100 microns per layer (that’s 10-20 layers per millimeter!!). Prints can take anywhere between 8-48 hours or even longer to complete + shipping, depending on size, complexity and density. Clients should expect a 4-7 day turn-around in case unexpected issues arise with the printing process or we are busy with projects for other customers.


This service is available to anybody, we don’t just supply to businesses we will supply to anybody that can benefit from the 3D printing process.


If you are new to the process of 3D printing have a look at our 3D Knowledge Bank and Gallery sections, where you will find tutorials and examples of what can be achieved with the 3D printing process. You will also be able to find up to date news on 3D Creation Lab on our blog.


We are open to suggestions to improve our service to you the customer, so feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions.