3D Modelling


At PointBlank we have an experienced team of designers, creating high quality 3D product models to  your requirements.

Today, 3D product modelling technology is used by a number of industries;- visual effects for new products, 3D rendering within engineering, building plans or vehicle designs and video or presentations.


We produce superior 3D CAD models as:•    

  • Rendered
  • Photo realistic
  • Walkthrough
  • Interior
  • Landscape
  • Photo montage
  • Solid models

We can produce 3D CAD models from the following original formats:•  

  • Scanned drawings in pdf, tif, jpg, etc.
  • 2D CAD drawings
  • Paper drawings
  • Dimensioned sketches
  • Freehand sketches
  • Marked up prints
  • Blueprints
  • Floor plans or site plans
  • Dimensioned sketches
  • Elevations
  • Surveyor’s dimensioned sketches
  • Electrical /civil engineer’s drawings