Organising Your Shoot

So you’ve got your idea, perhaps also a script, and maybe you even have gone as far as organising a storyboard, so much so that you can ‘playback’ the video in your head.

But, you know that you’ve got a few things to get ready first. The most obvious thing is that you at least need a camera so that will come under organising equipment that you will need. Then there are the people you will need to operate that equipment effectively – you can affectionately call them the crew. Then there’s the actors, both people for the parts in your script along with any extras you might need – this is called ‘talent’. You will also need to organise all your locations for shooting, and finally, get together all the necessary paperwork for the day, which will include a realistic schedule for shooting.

We are happy to undertake every aspect of your film shoot from experienced cameramen, lighting and the right sets to finding the perfect location.

We can source models and provide you with test footage for you to review.

We are here to take care of all the details so your filming day(s) are a complete success.


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